Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my friend?

Yes! Just be sure that they have completed the Volunteer Registration Form, and have signed up for the harvest along with you. We need to keep track of how many people are coming to each harvest so we don't have too many or too few volunteers.

Can I bring my children?

Since picking fruit from tall trees with picking poles is a potentially hazardous activity we ask that you stick to a ratio of one child per adult and that you supervise her/him at all times. We will try to run at least one harvest day that is specially for families at a site with smaller trees. We will send out an email notifying all volunteers as soon as we’ve identified a suitable site and date.

Has the fruit been sprayed with chemicals?

Very rarely. We do ask the property owner whether or not they’ve sprayed the fruit and with what. We include that information on the harvest posting.

I completed the Volunteer Registration Form. Am I signed up to go to pick fruit?

Not yet. You have completed the first step of giving us your contact information and indicating that you agree with the Participation Guidelines. Now you need to visit our Harvests page. Here you will find all of the open harvests that are currently scheduled. Sign up for the harvests that you would like to attend. If there are no harvests listed, then we do not have any scheduled. Check back frequently for new postings. We will also announce open harvests on our Facebook group page.

I signed up for a harvest. When will I get the address?

  • After you sign up to pick fruit on the Harvests page, your name is added to the harvest roster. The page that appears right after you sign up shows the address for the harvest. Write it down before you go to any other page.
  • You will also be sent an email with a link to the harvest details.
  • Make sure that we have your contact information so we can put you on the harvest roster. If you have not previously registered as a volunteer, fill out the Volunteer Registration Form. You will only need to complete this form once.

I signed up for a harvest, and now I can't go. What should I do?

The email that you receive after signing up for the harvest has a link in it to use if you need to cancel. The same applies to the waiting list. We really appreciate you cancelling if you can’t make it because it gives someone else a chance to attend the harvest.

Why are the harvests filling up so quickly?

Many registered volunteers are checking the harvests page. Those who do this often usually get on the roster first. This, and our Facebook group page, are the only places that we announce harvests that are available for signing up unless there is reason to think that we will not get enough volunteers in time. Some find it helpful to make the harvests page the home page on their browser.

Why are there not more harvests?

Cyfoeth Y Coed relies on donations from tree owners. After we’re told that fruit needs picking, our coordinator factors Cyfoeth Y Coed's ability to staff harvests, parking and the requests of the land owner to determine how and when harvests will take place.

What do I need to bring to a harvest?

Water, sunscreen (if it’s sunny or might be sunny), and a bag for any fruit you'd like to take home with you. Please wear closed-toed shoes, and make sure to dress for the weather. We provide all picking equipment.

Do I get to take some of the fruit home?

Yes! We encourage volunteers to take home some fruit. Please bring a bag, or another container, for any fruit you'd like to take home.

I've never picked fruit from a tree before. Is there anything I need to do beforehand?

No, as long as you've signed up and received the address, you are all set. The harvesting leader will provide all necessary training at the site.

When does the harvesting season start and end?

The harvest season typically runs from mid-August to early November, depending on weather.

Can I bring my dog to the harvest?

We wish we could say yes because we love dogs! But unfortunately, during fruit picking we ask that dogs, except for service animals, stay home. It’s hard to pick fruit and keep an eye on your dog at the same time, plus we don’t have any dog sized hard hats. Many dogs enjoy raw apples though, so remember to take a few home for yours.

I'd like to organize a group harvest. Is that possible?

Absolutely! Email to set up a date and time. Due to the somewhat unpredictable nature of harvesting, we usually cannot provide an address until a week or two before the event. The more advance notice we have, the more likely it is we'll be able to find the perfect spot for your group!